RE; Request for Unit Renovations Effective June 1, 2018

Your Board of Director for Marina Villas is pleased to be receiving so many requests from our home owners wanting to renovate their property that we have established a ‘streamlined’ process for the necessary approvals.

You will find is form for requesting authorization by any homeowner in Marina Villas who is planning to renovate their unit. The form outlines the “who, what, where and when” for you to use as you plan your renovation.

When this form is followed by the homeowner it will clarify the process for you the homeowner. In addition it will establish a permanent record for CARE (KKPOA) and MV Board approvals, prior to any renovations.

An important note of clarification: homeowners in the lower units who wish to or have an installed cover on the outside deck must realize that these covers are “add-ons”. All “add-ons” are the responsibility of the owner for any property damage caused to the deck of the upstairs unit. If the previous owner received Board approval to install the roof, they would have been notified of their liability moving forward. The Board realizes that you may not have been made aware of this from the previous owner or by your Real Estate agent.

In conjunction with this, be aware that the Board is responsible for only cleaning gutters that were installed by the Association.

If you have questions concerning this process, please contact your Board via their e-mail

Thank you for your attention to working together as friends and neighbors as we all continue to keep our Marina Villas community a marvelous and happy place for us all to live ‘side by side’.

Main Water Shut-off
Please be advised that the water “shut off value” for each condo unit is located
outside of your building and requires a special long handled wrench to actually
access the valve in case of an emergency. Owners can call either their own plumber
or KKUS maintenance office during office hours if a leak occurs to come and shut
off the water. (Meanwhile, water will continue flow causing increased damage).
Some owners who have experienced a leak in the past have taken action to install
water shut off valve inside of their unit. Your local plumber can install this valve.
As your Board, we recommend that each homeowner consider installing an inside
shut off valve. This preventative measure may be very cost effective!

Modification to Common Areas

Marina Villas Owners,

Please be aware that any modification to the crawlspaces or common areas at Marina Villas is prohibited without written consent from the Marina Villas Board of Directors.  Any owners whose crawlspace/storage areas have been modified are solely responsible for damages to any modifications or personal property within those spaces and should consult their insurance company to confirm that they have adequate coverage for these converted spaces.

Thank you

Marina Villas Homeowner Association