June 2018

 We are just finishing up our 3 year capital improvement project to install new roofs on all 12 buildings! 

We have a committee working on recommendations for replacing the bridges and railings with something that requires less maintenance. The board expects to have the information later this summer and will work on the implementation plan. 

For the safety of all our owners, the board arranged to have every fireplace inspected and an inspection report was issued to each owner. New owners to Marina Villas should request a copy of the report from their unit. 

Special Notice to Owners of Marina Villas community

RE; Request for Unit Renovations Effective June 1, 2018

Your Board of Director for Marina Villas is pleased to be receiving so many requests from our home owners wanting to renovate their property that we have established a ‘streamlined’ process for the necessary approvals.

Attached you will find information that will be used by any homeowner in Marina Villas who is planning to renovated their unit. The form outlines the “who, what, where and when” for you to use as you plan your renovation.

When this form is followed by the homeowner it will clarify the process for you the homeowner. In addition it will establish a permanent record of CARE (KKPOA) and MV Board approvals, prior to any renovations.

An important note of clarification: homeowners in the lower units who wish to or have an installed cover on the outside deck must realize that these covers are “add-ons”. All “add-ons” are the responsibility of the owner for any property damage caused to the deck of the upstairs unit. If the previous owner received Board approval to install the roof, they would have been notified of their liability moving forward. The Board realizes that you may not have been made aware of this from the previous owner or by your Real Estate agent.

In conjunction with this, be aware that the Board is responsible for only cleaning gutters that were installed by the Association.

If you have questions concerning this process, please contact your Board via their e-mail

Thank you for your attention to working together as friends and neighbors as we all continue to keep our Marina Villas community a marvelous and happy place for us all to live ‘side by side’.

February 2017

Special Announcement from your Marina Villas Board of Directors:

Over the past couple of years a few of your neighbors living here in Marina Villas

Community have experienced hot water heaters that have sprung a leak. As you

can imagine, the water from the leaking tank has caused extensive and expensive

repairs, both to the homeowner AND to their adjoining homeowner, especially if

the leak was in the upstairs unit.

As your Board of Directors we felt that we could inform all owners about some

information that we have learned from the experiences of homeowners who had

experienced a ‘leak’.

First off, plumbers have told us that hot water tanks now have a ‘life’ of no more

than 6 to 8 years. So, if your tank is older than 8 years you may consider a

replacement in the near future to avoid a ‘leaking tank’.

All tanks should have a water collection receptacle under their tank. And it is

important that this tray includes an outlet hose that drains into the floor drain

that is located in the laundry area. This attached hose drain might not solve the

whole problem if a leak occurs, but it may decrease the amount of damage from the

water that is discharged.

Please be advised that the water “shut off value” for each condo unit is located

outside of your building and requires a special long handled wrench to actually

access the valve in case of an emergency. Owners can call either their own plumber

or KKUS maintenance office during office hours if a leak occurs to come and shut

off the water. (Meanwhile, water will continue flow causing increased damage).

Some owners who have experienced a leak in the past have taken action to install

water shut off valve inside of their unit. Your local plumber can install this valve.

As your Board, we recommend that each homeowner consider installing an inside

shut off valve. This preventative measure may be very cost effective!

August 2016

Marina Villas Owners,

Please be aware that any modification to the crawlspaces or common areas at Marina Villas is prohibited without written consent from the Marina Villas Board of Directors.  Any owners whose crawlspace/storage areas have been modified are solely responsible for damages to any finishes or personal property within those spaces and should consult their insurance company to confirm that they have adequate coverage for these converted spaces.

Thank you

Marina Villas Homeowner Association

July 2016

Capital Projects

The board wanted you to know that two major capital projects will occur before the end of this


In conjunction with the KKPOA paving project, all Marina Villas roads and parking areas will be

repaved with the exception of the area in front of Marina Drive which has only recently been

paved. It is estimated that this project will take place in mid-August. Any cars parked in our

parking areas will need to be moved as the project gets to your section. Please make sure if you

are traveling, that a neighbor has the keys to your vehicle. Any car that isn’t moved as needed

will have to be towed.

The board has also approved re-roofing for four buildings. This is the first of a planned three

year project. The buildings are on Coveview, beginning at the boat ramp and moving up the hill.

Owners should have received a notification but as a reminder, when the new roofs are installed

no satellite dishes will be permitted on the roof. The board has set up a policy to work with

individual owners who need to move their dish to help minimize the inconvenience. At this time,

the information we have received indicates that no owner in the four buildings has an active dish

on the roof. If this is incorrect, please reply to this email and let us know that you are affected by

this change, so we can be sure the transition is smooth.

We are just making the deposit to the roofer and then he will be scheduling the project. We will

notify you as soon as we have an estimate of the timing of this.

Previous boards saw the importance of planning for these major projects and our reserve fund

adequately covers these expenses.

As a reminder, if you have not returned the information sheet you received in your last bill,

please do so. There can be unforeseen problems with your unit and we may need to contact

you in an emergency.

The date of our annual meeting dinner has been set for October 14th. More information will


Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to maintain and improve our


Janet Hutcheson

President, Marina Villas Board

June 2016

Our Marina Villa Community Picnic is set for July 1st 5:00.  See details below.

When:    Friday July 1st 5:00

Where:    South Marina Picnic Shelter

Provided:  Pulled Pork, Hot dogs, Chili, Buns, Paper Goods,   Utensils and Ice

Bring:    Drinks, Salad or Chips or Beans or Dessert to Share

  Optional:  Chairs, Outdoor Game

RSVP by June 27th

November 2015

Fall has wrapped Marina Villas in a glorious display of color and it is time for the Board to bring you an update on the State of Marina Villas. 

The financial situation appears to be very solid. Seven condos have sold since January 1st and an eighth is under contract so the market on our condos has certainly improved. There are no major problems with any of our buildings. We look forward to welcoming our seven new owners.

We have had a change in the Board. Our Board President Darryl Benamati resigned his position when he sold his condo in September. Vice President Pat Williams is now filling that role.  Ned Lovell is also going off the Board after serving several terms.  He will be missed on the Board but He and Honey will continue to be our walk around eyes on the community.

The Annual Board meeting is to be November 13 at which time three Board members will be elected for 2016.

A number of landscape projects are either in the works or have been completed.

All the juniper on West Blue Heron that was overgrown and dying has been removed and ornamental plants have been installed with decorative corner walls and annuals added. Additionally, KKPOA provided mulch for this area.

The 30 year old Japanese Yew trees in front of East Blue Heron have been removed and crepe myrtle and dogwood trees are being planted this month.  There will also be liriope added to those slopes. Mulch has been added here and in a number of places where needed on Coveview.

The entry area with our sign has become very overgrown and has had some trimming done but needs to be completely cleaned out and colorful plants added. Merryscapes is working on a plan to redo that area.  Fortunately, the transfer fees from condo sales are added to the landscape budget so we can look forward to these and other landscape needs being addressed. 

Once the newly installed water pipes are connected, KKPOA will be repaving the streets in Marina Villas. 

Foothills Management has built fifteen light post toppers and is replacing the weather damaged ones on Coveview.

The Care committee representative evaluated our tree situation in June. He identified many trees that we might consider cutting.  These fall into the category of healthy but will eventually cause damage to sidewalks and roadways. We will also need to limb up many trees near buildings. We are working to prioritize this work and schedule it as our budget permits.

Some gutters on our buildings are in the process of being replaced with larger ones.

A holiday party was held in January. We also had a picnic at the Marina in July. Both were well attended by our members and were great fun.  Additional get togethers will be held in the coming year. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know our new neighbors.

It has been our pleasure to work with you this year and look forward to the coming year.

The 2015 Marina Villas Board of Directors


March 2015

Early spring greetings to all of those fortunate enough to own a property in Marina Villas. Now that spring is in the air, your Board thought that it might be a good time to provide an update on the State of Marina Villas.

We feel that the state of the Villas is very strong. We are in good shape from a financial standpoint. The real estate market for our condos has picked up significantly this year with four closings in the first quarter. There are no major issues with any of our buildings and we have a great group of residents who get along well and respect each other.

We recently had a change in the membership of our Board of Directors. Chuck Dilcher had to leave the Board after serving for the last 16 months. Thanks to Chuck for his time on the Board. Janet Hutcheson has agreed to take Chuck’s place as Secretary. Janet has shown an interest in our community and had taken the initiative to start attending our meetings. Her involvement with the Board was a natural transition. As one of our newer residents we welcome her fresh insight. We are appreciative of the fact that she is willing to serve.

We have several projects in the works that will improve our community. You may have noticed the solar powered path lights along the sidewalk behind the building on East Blue Heron. They were our only source of light during the recent power outages! The idea for these came from our treasurer Susan Dougherty. She and her husband Bob carefully installed them along the sidewalk. Pat Williams, our Vice President, later added to and refined the placement of the lights with help from her husband Knox.

We have contracted our property management company, Foothills, to build fifteen light post toppers to replace those that are in the worst shape on Coveview Court. They have been built and will be installed in the coming weeks.

The remaining juniper was recently removed on West Blue Heron Drive. It had become overgrown and was dying. Landscape czar, Ned Lovell, and Pat Williams have worked with our landscaper, Merryscapes, to develop a plan for the area. Several ornamental plants will be installed along with mulch that will be provided by Keowee Key. Also, we have identified many areas to be covered with new mulch in the near future.

The Japanese yew trees on East Blue Heron have outlived their usefulness. They are extremely overgrown and have gotten to the point where they are invasive. This has a negative effect on our buildings and could cause significant problems. Consequently, they will need to be removed. This is a substantial project that will require time and resources. Ultimately, all of the trees in front of 102 – 128 East Blue Heron will be removed and replaced with crape myrtles and dogwood trees.

Soon the days will grow warmer and we will go from heating to cooling our homes. This is a good time of year to have your HVAC unit inspected. It is important to make sure that the condensate line of your unit drains properly, especially if you live in an upper condo. During the warm weather mold can...